Brooklyn Bros

Created By Ben Keen & Ross Syner

TV Drama/Comedy currently in development.


Back in 1962, a selection of families were moved from Brooklyn, New York to London, England due to their employers expanding operations over seas.


Jimmy Feather & Timmy Leather’s families live in upper class Notting Hill. They’re naturally drawn to each other as they find themselves in the same scenario of setting up a new life in a strange town. They have much in common, their fathers work for the same company, they both have Brooklyn accents and both have similar interests which will bind them together for life.


The unassuming pair often find themselves in predicaments which with the introduction of Mandy Snow, will define their futures as they accidentally get tangled in the dangerous world of drug trafficking. Holding dual citizenship proves to be both a curse and a benefit.


How do two friends from Brooklyn, New York wind up being at the top of the drug world?


A dramatic and violent story with the rare injection of classic comedy with twists and turns at every corner will have audiences on the edge of seats waiting for the next episode!

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