François Trailer (2019)

1min 14s   |   English   |  Producer Ben Keen  |  Director Ross Syner

Our award winning proof of concept for 'François' was filmed in November 2018. It was created to support a feature length screenplay and is designed  to attract feature production budget through screenings at festivals around the World.


RED Gemini 5k


Zeiss CP.3's

Watch the behind the scenes film:


Written By:

Ben Keen, Ross Syner, Dan François-Smith


This film is based on the incredible true story of Jean, a young French Algerian boy, who joins the French army for a better life and finds himself at the heart of the seismic events of the twentieth century. 


His extraordinary journey starts in Tunisia as WWII breaks out. He is captured, beaten and starved at the notorious POW camp Stalag, before making a daring escape. On the run, he survives three days clinging to the underside of a train and is found unconscious in Strasbourg by the French Resistance.


Subsequently, Jean joins the Resistance and soon becomes a highly respected figure, taking part in many audacious missions, risking his life to plan and lead sabotage operations on key German infrastructure targets and vital logistics links.


When his picture appears in a local newspaper, Jean is discovered and compelled to flee once again. He evades capture, crossing the Pyrenees in treacherous conditions that claim the lives of many of his comrades, but Jean makes it through Spain to Portugal, where he finally meets up with allies who arrange for him to be flown to England, where he is to teach Free French cadets. In a strange twist of fate, one of Jean’s students turns out to be the son of French leader Charles De Gaulle.


Ultimately, Jean is awarded one of the French Army’s highest military medals in recognition of his service to France. A high-octane story of heroism, courage and one man’s rise from humble beginnings to play an astonishing role, fighting for the freedom of his country.

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